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Back home at TMC

More than 6 years ago, New Product Introduction Employeur Ronald Cornelissen worked at Nedstack. Nedstack produces fuel cells that work on the basis of hydrogen. In his NPI role, Ronald fitted right in. ‘At the time, I had an attractive job (which was a great challenge in terms of technology) and I was working on a clean and green future. Unfortunately, my contract was not extended due to the economic crisis,’ Ronald explains.

For the first time in his life, Ronald was unemployed. Partly because of the birth of his son and a move to Nijmegen, he decided to stay at home for a while and to look around for a new job. ‘During my studies, I was a member of the ‘Zweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten’. One advantage of this is that you can continue to fly with this club after your studies. Moreover, you have the unique opportunity to benefit from a network of students and graduates. By coincidence, I met a TMC account manager there and sent them my resume. They contacted me within fifteen minutes. And so I ended up at TMC by chance. It was not a conscious choice at the time, but the project that they offered me seemed a good match.’

'The big advantage of TMC is that you can rotate and look “behind the scenes.'

Ronald started a project at Bosch and it proved to be more than a good match. He gladly bridged the distance between Tilburg and Nijmegen. However, as the economy picked up again, business increased. Travel time increased too and, because of his two young children and his wife's career, he had to make a decision. ‘With a heavy heart, I had to resign from TMC in the spring of 2017. I think that making this kind of choice is part of Employeneurship. I did what was needed at that time. Of course, I kept in touch with TMC. I had a connection with the organization and a warm relationship with several account managers.’

After a short period, Ronald found a job near Nijmegen, but it didn't suit him. ‘That company was quick in the development of products, but not in product development. I missed the TMC method. Working at TMC means that you have access to interesting high-tech companies and challenging assignments. The big advantage of TMC is that you can rotate and look “behind the scenes”. This contributes to your own development, but is also positive for the client. Based on your experience with other companies, you can sometimes come up with original solutions for new clients.’

Ronald encountered a vacancy at MSD in Boxmeer. ‘I brought it to the attention of TMC because both the working method and the way that TMC deals with the personal development of Employeneurs appeal to me. Coaching is offered and they contribute ideas about the direction in which you want to develop. The TMC team, consisting of both account manager and Employeneurs, is very involved. I love having a good discussion with peers, such as during pizza sessions or competence meetings. Through TMC, I am now working on a project at MSD, which feels like being back home again.’

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