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Applying strategical knowledge as a senior expert at TMC: the story of Adrie de Jong

Many people think that working on different projects is mainly for junior and medior professionals. But that is not entirely true, at TMC many seniors are employed to advise clients at a high strategic level. Adrie de Jong is a great example of this. He has been working at TMC since 2008 and has almost reached retirement age. During his career at TMC, many clients have benefited from Adries' expertise as a senior electronics architect. Time to ask him all about it.

Can you tell us more about your career?

At the end of the 70's I started my career at Philips Data Systems, they developed Hard Disc Drives for the computer industry. At that time, microprocessors were promoted by the CME (Center for Micro-Electronics) in a campaign where an electron microscope image of an ant was holding a chip. Looking back on my career, this symbolizes the technology of electron microscopy and the production of the finest chips in which I have been involved for the past 41 years.

I have been working as a senior electronics architect in the electronics business cell since 2008. Before that I worked at FEI for fifteen years, they developed electron microscopes. The experience I gained at FEI, was also applicable in my career at TMC in projects that lasted from a few months to several years.

What kind of projects did you do via TMC?

During my career at TMC I have done a wide variety of projects. A large number of projects were in the High Tech region Eindhoven - Veldhoven, such as a project at NXP where I worked on technology for solar panels. But I also did projects elsewhere in the Netherlands, such as in Hengelo at Thales, a company that makes radar technology. I also worked in Zuidland at a company that develops eye surgical equipment. I am currently working at ASML for the second time.

Didn't you find it difficult to work further away from home every now and then?

Fortunately, TMC and the clients have always been very cooperative. The company in Zuidland had three guest rooms available where I could stay, so the travel time was less than a minute. At Thales I was able to complete my hours in four days and I had Fridays off. My wife also enjoyed such a long weekend, but after a "weekend marriage" of about 2.5 years, she was happy that I got a new challenge closer to home at ASML.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned at TMC?

As an experienced TMC Employeneur, you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and experience to new customers. At every new client you first have to investigate how the processes are organized. After that I could use my experience to improve these processes. I have become aware of the fact that many techniques and processes can be applied in a similar way in the high-tech industry.

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