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Andy Willems’ 20th anniversary at TMC Software

This year is centered around the 20th anniversary of TMC, but that is not the only thing we are celebrating… This November, Andy Willems celebrates his 20th anniversary at TMC Software. TMC is really proud to have him on board for such a long time already, especially because he was one of the first Employeneurs. A true milestone!

Before Andy started working at TMC, he already had quite some working experience, since he worked at a consultancy company as a Software Engineer for about ten years. When he was looking for opportunities to start working as a freelancer, he came across TMC and changed his plans. “When I learned about the Employeneurship model with its challenging projects, the financial model with profit sharing, and the focus on the Employeneur, I decided to join this company. And 20 years later, I am still convinced this was a good choice!” says Andy.

"Andy is a great example of what Employeneurship is supposed to be!" says Roger Hacking, director of TMC Software.

Looking back at 20 years at TMC, Andy values the fact that he keeps developing himself. He likes to move forward and search for the frontiers of technology. Andy: “What I like most about my job is exploring new technologies and working in different environments; from product development to research, and from embedded to cloud. In the past twenty years, I have worked on many different projects. The advantage of TMC to me is to keep the same employer but move on to new adventures every time.”

Roger Hacking, director of TMC Software, reflects on the collaboration with Andy: “I am very happy that Andy is a part of our team. His technical curiosity, the way he keeps on developing himself professionally, and variety of projects that he works on makes him a good example of what Employeneurship is supposed to be. Hopefully, we will keep Andy in our team many more years.”

Do you want to know more about TMC Software or about our Employeneurship model? Continue to this page or get in touch with us!

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