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A phone call away from TMC Employeneur

"We first met at ASML only three weeks ago," TMC Employeneur Bart van der Velden smiles. "Our girlfriends are colleagues and they told me that Noud was looking for a job.” Noud Goumans explains how he started working at TMC through Bart: "After studying Supply Chain Management, I was looking for a suitable job in the field of High Tech. Our girlfriends arranged for me to get Bart’s phone number and that is how things started."

Bart first came into contact with TMC when he was doing a graduation project at ASML. He’s been with TMC for four and a half years now, and is working as a First Line Support engineer at ASML. Bart says: "When I heard from my girlfriend that Noud was looking for a job, I passed on my phone number. Noud called me instantly and the way he asked questions gave me a good feeling about him. I did not hesitate and forwarded his résumé to account manager, Lotte Geertsen. She immediately responded enthusiastically that 'the best people are assigned through our own people'."

'The best people are assigned through our own people'.

Noud continues: "During our phone conversation, Bart told me that a person can shape his or her own career path at TMC. There is a budget for studies that you can spend freely, and the atmosphere is entrepreneurial. This appealed to me, and soon I had an interview with Lotte. It was a very natural conversation. She first asked what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted to learn in order to achieve this. Then she explained how TMC works. This fitted in well with the information Bart gave me on the phone."

During his holiday in Morocco, Noud received the contract. "I realised how flexible TMC is. The day after I signed my contract, I was able to start immediately. But I wanted to finish a project with a former employer first and that was not a problem." Bart adds: "TMC thinks it's important that you are in the right place. For example, I decided not to start a project at the end of an entire application procedure because it did not fit as well as I first thought it would."

Noud: "I have been working on a challenging assignment at ASML for the past five months. In the coming period I will focus on this project and will follow the interesting workshops that TMC organizes. I want to make full use of my study budget, but of course I also make time for a cup of coffee with Bart,” he concludes with a smile.

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