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The nanotechnology market is vast, diverse, and booming: it ranges from atomic and molecular to solid state physics, including chemistry and biology. This requires an equally multidisciplinary approach from our Employeneurs. Only then can we tap into the full potential of nanostructures. It’s huge.

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From nanoscale to real-world applications

With nanotechnology, we can change the fundamental characteristics of materials: clothing that is impossible to stain, or roads that can repair themselves. Practically every product on today’s market can be improved using nanotechnology. So, as the use of nanotechnology is already common practice in the semiconductor industry, it won’t be long before it is used in practically every other industry too.


Nanotechnologists at TMC are focusing on the nano- to micrometer size scale and they believe that their expertise will change the world. Tailoring materials and processes on that scale to their benefit and translating nanoscale phenomena to real world applications. Their multidisciplinary, pragmatic and entrepreneurial way of working provide innovative solutions for projects ranging from, design to research and development up to new product introduction.



Are you a Material Scientist who loves the freedom and the excitement of working independently, combined with the stability of having a steady employer and the inspiration of working with a motivated team of colleagues?

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We are currently enlarging our group of specialists who assist our clients in the development of products and processes in various technical industries. We are looking for people who are motivated by the TMC Employeneurship model and who are looking to further develop their career in a challenging environment. As a Nanotechnologist you adapt your in-depth scientific expertise to industrial R&D environments, where you support TMC Nanotechnology customers in their innovations.

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Meet the team

Our Entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions in projects ranging from concept development and R&D to new product introduction. These solutions vary wildly, but are most successful when we’re able to translate nanoscale phenomena to real world applications.

Ted van Hoof

Director, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 55 83 85 22

Florian Kitte

Account Manager, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)6 52 60 92 99

Christophe Cubat

CTO, España

Tel: +34 696 601 241

Diego Bruno

Account Manager, Italia

Tel: +39 347 2596358

Loic Le Mene

CEO TMC France Paris, France

Tel: +33 (0)1 81 93 40 21

Jaskaran Sandhu

Director, België

Tel: +32 (0)475 96 73 67