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TMC Data Science: the engineers of the future

Thinking ahead, anticipating the future, then taking steps to capitalise on new opportunities for innovation: that’s always been TMC’s approach. The Eindhoven-based deployment agency for highly qualified technicians has been finding new niches in this way for years, both at home and abroad. The launch of a brand new business cell is the latest result of that ambition. From 1 September, TMC Data Science will be looking for insights hidden within large and complex datasets. Data Science will then use this new information to improve the clients’ products and/or services.

‘Among our clients, we’ve noticed that digital transformation is a strong motive for innovation. This has lead to a growing demand for specialists in big data and Internet of Things,’ says Bram Thelen, manager of TMC Data Science. ‘Companies hold large stores of data. Data Science’s 21 new Employeneurs will sift through these terabytes of data to filter out valuable new information, which they can then translate into practical applications for the industry.’ The Employeneurs discover patterns, structurize the data, develop new algorithms, and research ways in which the new information could influence business operations and vice versa.

Like all of TMC’s business cells, Data Science is both specialized and versatile. ‘We’ve brought together Employeneurs from backgrounds in physics, maths and econometry, several of whom come from the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science,’ says Marjolein Berkers, who, as Director Incubators, is responsible for setting up and supporting TMC’s new business initiatives. ‘Data Science is a new field – it’s more or less uncharted territory. All the more reason to join forces within the new business cell, so that we’ll always be able to find creative solutions to our clients’ most pressing issues.’

[Press Release: September 1, 2017]

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